Love – Practical not allowed

When you seek into the window meant for looking out, a house that you want to rob, but you fear the mob. You look inside, measure the chaos, take your time, arrange it with smile. You search for it, the most precious gift, that attracts you, makes you a thief. You find it, carefully take it and search for exit.

It’s done, peacefully, you care for it, like you and not the home, own it. Until one day, mob gets to know, it breaks you, makes you return, what you cared for, the home gets it possession back.

A thief lost the reason for being one, home lost caretaker of its possession, the mob broke them both and instilled fear, thief was left to starve, and house was allotted, to someone against her want.

House- A thief who entered through my eyes, arranged my chaotic life,stole my heart and cared as if that’s all he want. A society that broke us both apart, for we did what they taught, unknown that practical was not allowed. Love was the lesson. Hate is what they receive, when my unwanted guest, breaks me every night.

The Puzzle Maker


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