It’s all set to free

said a man pointing towards a tree.

Machine was started to cut that tree,

I wasn’t able to see.

I wasn’t able to understand why they were cutting that tree.

Its mistake was that it provided us fruits and shed,

or its mistake was it gave a lot then what we expect,

or they all were cutting it because for them it was just a mere tree?

Or may be I was getting too sentimental for that tree.

But with every stroke on that tree my memories with that tree were shattering,

In my mind sound of me and my friends were chattering.

How we throw pebbles to get fruits from that tree,

How we climbed the tree and how we rested under that tree.

Memories were falling down and reason for the punishment to this tree was still a mystery.

Suddenly who was standing boldly till then started bowing down ,

as if it was pleading for not to cut it down.

Two strokes more said that man again,

Suddenly it started to rain.

For me those rain drops were like tear drops of that tree

from whom the land was set to free.

Everybody paused the work and was about to leave

suddenly that bowed tree came to its knees.

Lets finish it first then we will go ,

said the man with a blow.

They put two more strokes and the whole tree was lying down,

as if someone overthrew its crown.

Earlier leaves were moving with wind but soon stopped breathing.

Rain stopped ,wind became calm, there was a sudden pause.

A man came in a black suit and just said,

We will use this tree for wood shed.

Nothing was left on that land ,

that big tree was no longer present there but became a history.

Utkarsh Jain

Pic Courtesy:


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