Microsoft eventually acknowledges the power of LINUX

Microsoft eventually acknowledges the power of LINUX

The year was 1999. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft was attributed as saying – ‘We think of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) as a student in the competitor and hobbyist market. I don’t see it competing with the Windows in the competitor market’. Microsoft has often denied and ignored the indispensability of LINUX tools.

Cut to the present. In Windows 10, Microsoft has replaced its traditional (unpopular) command prompt with BASH. ‘Bourne again shell’ (or BASH), a command line interface released in 1989; is simply more powerful than the Windows Command Prompt.

Why Windows is acknowledging BASH and FOSS?h9ICWXh_1g8j.878x0.Z-Z96KYq

BASH with the gamut of tools that it houses; offers a myriad innumerable ways for a developer to develop, automate and test software projects.

FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) is growing popular in mobile devices and cloud services. According to a report of Gartner (an American research and advisory firm) Microsoft holds mere 1.1 percent stake in the mobile segment. Android, the Linux based mobile OS holds 80.7 percent of the mobile shares.

How does the BASH functions in Windows?

In GNU/Linux based operating system, bash access resources on the computer; via request to the kernels called as ‘system calls’. These ‘system calls’ are then handled by ‘Linux Kernel’. Windows has instead developed ‘Windows subsystem for Linux’ as a substitute for ‘Linux Kernel’. ‘Windows subsystem for Linux’ converts the system calls into a format that Windows kernel can process. Microsoft hasn’t made the ‘Windows subsystem for Linux’ an open source software.

Windows has incorporated BASH with the help of Ubuntu. Now, a user can run and install several Ubuntu packages on Windows. This offers a great opportunity for the users and developers on Windows, to realize what a powerhouse BASH is.



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