Poetry and India

Poetry and India

It’s the way my education system is managing poetry and literature that’s hurting me. I am a growing poet and have noticed myself taking interest in poetry, ratings and articles since August last month. I regret that I couldn’t understand it when I was in class eight; I regret that it didn’t like it much back then.

But there is a question that resonated in my mind; how did I suddenly develop interest in literature, so much that I chose to pen down articles and poems? Answer is not that I have changed; answer is that I became addicted to reading small haiku’s on social media, followed by poems, articles, essays and short stories.

It makes sense; I was not interested in poems before because the ones I was made to read were above my maturity level. I couldn’t interpret those without the help of my teachers. You can’t be interested in something you don’t understand but after I started reading simple stuff on internet -things said simply with or without rhymes; that connects with our daily lives. I was fascinated by the way these people penned my feelings, and that’s how I developed interest in poems.

That’s the way it should have been in my schools, but unfortunately we were made to read the works of William Shakespeare before developing our mind for interpreting simple poems. Of course that took away my interest. I guess it happened with many students who had the capability of becoming poets.

It’s clear that our education system needs to be reviewed. If the only Indian poet we know about is Rabindranath Tagore, we surely are in search of some more ideals, leaders from our own country. It’s not that we a lagging behind by a narrow margin. If we compare the population of India, we should be the ones to produce largest number of poets, artists and the best of them. But sadly it’s not the case, the name ruling the internet these days is Christopher Poindexter, others are lagging far behind.

There are poets, Instagram is flooded with them but because of the lack of interest of our society in literature, they are struggling. Indian news tellers are rarely interested in publishing poems. Neither are we informed about any literature competitions, there aren’t even proper magazines dedicated to literature. It’s tough for poets to grow in these situations.

India needs some serious changes in the field of literature. We need leaders, new and alive, who can guide us. We need our media to help us, it won’t be a big deal to dedicate a page for literature, if not daily at least once in a weak and it won’t be a big deal for central government to start a magazine for artist, something India needs. Media needs to play its part in developing interest of common man in arts. It isn’t just writers who are being neglected, it’s every form of art. Art is something that can’t thrive without a proper audience. We create to reach out to people. India is lagging behind in this field. It’s my kind request to the ones in the position of power to help us out, to help us grow.

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