272+! Will India vote decisively for Modi Sarkaar again in 2019?

272+! Will India vote decisively for Modi Sarkaar again in 2019?

The year was 2003. Analysts hailed ‘India Shining’ and every other exit and opinion poll forecasted the return of the ‘Vajpayee’ Sarkaar. Vajpayee was so cocksure of his comeback that he called for matinal elections; but the election results were an absolute shocker.

It defied political pundit’s conjecture and the NDA came out of the power. From the focus on rapid infrastructure growth to creating a decisive administration; there are so many parallels to be drawn between the Vajpayee and Modi led government. Though this government has done well on the administrative competency as even the staunch critics of ‘Modi Sarkaar’ have given him an above average grades, the fear of 2003 prevail.

State Vs Federal Administration

It’s far easy to govern a state than a federal country like India. From constructing roads to electrification and reinforcing law and order, state government works are easily noticed. The role of centre is more of policy formation and reforms. The general masses in India is much glued and fascinated by the former, than the later. In India as road constructions and electrification are generally considered a state subject, wouldn’t the states take credit or the voters wouldn’t impute the state government for Nitin Gadkari’s claim of laying 21 kms of road every day or Piyush Goyal’s claim of electrifying 18,000 villages. The big economic reforms or the riveting foreign policies, least concerns the lower middle class and the impoverished.

Failing aspirations of ‘Acche Din’

‘Acche Din’, one of the most hyped poll promises of the BJP, is unlikely to come sooner or later. ‘Acche Din’ is nothing but ‘improved standard of living’ in which the state and not the centre is a major stakeholder.  Realisation of bullet trains or 100 smart cities is a long time phenomenon and won’t be accomplished before 2022. The BJP like all other previous government has failed terribly on bringing back the black money.

United anti-Modi front

Splited vote share, among opposition played a crucial role in Modi’s brobdingnagian triumph in 2014. Though late, the opposition has realised that it can’t fight out Modi alone. Lessons from Lalu-Nitish alliance in Bihar are emphatic. Though the new anti-Modi space is visible in just a few states like Delhi, Bihar and Punjab apart from West Bengal and Tamil Nadu; the Congress can give nightmares to the BJP, if it colludes with the regional parties. It also won’t be a cup of cake for a lumping dinosaur like Congress to find regional allies.

2019 is still very far. The Shah-Modi duo is too spry to learn from the yore. BJP never accepts defeat easily. It keeps fighting ferociously even in the slightest tinge of hope.

Venkatesh is pursuing Computer Science Engineering from Galgotias University, Greater Noida.


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