You are more dangerous to this country than Maoists!

You are more dangerous to this country than Maoists!

‘You are more dangerous to this country than Maoists and terrorists. Don’t dare speak over me!’

These were the words of outraged Arnab Goswami to Umar Khalid during JNU ruckus.
Pradhan Mantri ji,  aapki foreign policy kaafi achi rahi hai. Your speech to the US Congress was a humorous one and liked by all.’ These again were the words of the same Arnab Goswami while interviewing Narendra Modi.

I am not at all juxtaposing ‘Narendra Modi’ with ‘Umar Khalid’ but did we see the same infuriated and obstinate Arnab Goswami? Arnab Goswami – ‘A man who is the first one to break the rules of the debate that he sets himself, the only man talking in a two sided debate, a man who shouts, screams and cuts off the voice of his panelists’. On that day, all of a sudden, he became the most soft spoken man on this earth. Wow! Mera Desh Badal Raha Hai 😁

Pradhan Mantri Ji, your speech was liked by all, you have been fantastic on foreign policy, what inspires you to work so hard. I mean, are these the stuffs you ask to the head of the government when the country is going through so many turbulence’s? You (readers) may criticise me of being judgmental! As a common man of this country I expect tougher and more critical questions to be asked to the Prime Minister. The man  who has always criticised the Lutyens’ media of being soft to 7 RCR, was like a cat on hot bricks.

He did insert some brave words like black money, communal agenda, RSS and farmer’s crisis but these were only to help the Prime Minister. The entire interview was like a speech being delivered by Modi to a lone audience ‘Arnab Goswami’, who was timely responding with Ji and Bilkul.

Instead of exchanging pleasantries and laughter with the PM, the so called daring journalist should have asked about center-state relation at Delhi, he should have asked for clarification on his degree row, he should have asked why Arvind Kejriwal cries foul on him on daily basis. (Yaad rahe, Dhuan wahi se nikalta hai jahan chingaari hoti hai!)

Why was Kairana left out? After screaming louder than the jumbo jet engine, why JNU issue was left out? What about the ‘Dadri’ lynching case? During that 90 mins interview, it seemed everything is alright in this country and the nation had nothing else to know. ‘ Kya pata aage aur interview na mile’. 😁😁

On a lighter note, if the debate was to take place in Hindi then why not on a Hindi channel? Regular Times Now viewers specially from non-Hindi states were served tawa roti instead of rumali roti. Seriously! There are some Hindi channels as well (You know, those channels!) that carry forward BJP’s agenda with equal conviction. Modi should have at least rewarded them with an interview, if not more. Anyway, waiting for some more media appearances. This time a press conference please! Let’s be fair and square.

Vishwas Singh

Vishwas Singh is a Mechanical Engineer. He aspires to be a journalist ahead. His political commentary can be reached out at  vishwasblog.


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