Kuch Yaad Aaya – Mauka Mauka

Kuch Yaad Aaya – Mauka Mauka

On the first of October, in the annual marketing fest, Insight 2016 of the India’s premier B-school, IIM Ahmedabad, came a big delight in the speakers’ series. Many of us there essentially didn’t recognise who the speaker was but the couch -‘Creator of the Mauka Mauka advt.’ below his portrait on the gigantic screen bound many, not to leave the Ravi J. Matthai auditorium for the next hour.

‘Mauka Mauka’, first released before the India Vs Pakistan encounter in 2015 World Cup was a genius to humiliate the arch rival Pakistan in the most comical way. In a cricket obsessed country, it became a national trend within hours of its release. The brainchild behind this was Suresh Triveni.

Suresh, a South Indian born and brought up in a small town of undivided Bihar, Ranchi; always aspired to be a filmmaker but eventually landed up doing marketing. Life was all smooth, until ‘Mauka Mauka’ happened and in the words of Suresh Triveni, ‘I never thought something gigantic like this will happen. It just happened at the right time and at the right place and it changed my life forever.’

When the first advt. was uploaded on 7th February, Suresh was sleeping in his home in Kerala and when he wake up, to his astonishment he received a Whatsapp text from his friend, ‘Ye advertisement dekha hai kya!’ Before he could even envisage what was happening, the ‘Mauka Mauka’ had 25 thousand views till 7pm and then 2 lakh views till 12 am, followed by a million views within a day. ‘It didn’t have had any logic and retrospect, it just happened’, said Suresh Triveni adding further that Viral Kiya Nahi Jata, Ho Jata Hai.

WhatsApp Image 2016-10-12 at 10.38.07 AM.jpeg

After the viral thread of this advertisement, Suresh was in severe tension on 15th February, the day India was going to face Pakistan. He was wandering throughout what if India looses? Wouldn’t he be thrashed? Fortunately India won and he had a sigh of relief but the game wasn’t over. The Star Sports creative team directed him to take this advertisement further to India Vs South Africa game. According to Suresh Triveni, this was the genius of the campaign although he didn’t concur to this initially. People were elated, relishing the aura of India’s triumph against Pakistan and then the next advertisement filled the semblance of rejoice, triumph and pride. South African’s reminded Indian fans that like Pakistan, India too hadn’t won against SA ever in the WC. It was a mauka for India too, to make things right and the rest became a history.

‘Mauka Mauka’ drew much attention on the other side of the Line of Control too. I had the privilege to interact with Suresh Triveni, grabbed a couple of selfies with him (Ah! all are too blurred to be shared anywhere!) and  pitched up the question that did he receive some threat from Pakistan after this hilariously amusing sweet poison reached there. Suresh was excited to say that ‘Mauka’ was widely acclaimed and appreciated in Pakistan and a lot of news portal like the DailyMotion and the Dawn interviewed him.

Mauka Mauka isn’t barely an advertisement, it became a mania, an unavoidable phrase at the Chai Samosa conversation during 2015 WC and later during ICC T20 WC 2016.  We still love this advertisement, don’t we?



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