Long Live masks and air purifiers.

Long Live masks and air purifiers.

Just after the night, we set blaze gazillions of fire-crackers, the rockets, the bombs and the chakris, the air around the urban centres in Northern India has turned awfully pure. The Air Pollution Index (API) has scaled faster than the Salman Khan’s box office collection, driving in smog in headlights has became a delight in Delhi and the hazier, contaminated azure is giving  déjà vu. The comatose ‘Environmental Education’ textbooks have suddenly started rejoicing after they overheard that the pollution level during ‘Diwali’ in 2016 is far greater than 2015. Even the phrase ‘awareness can help us to curb pollution’ can’t hold it’s obnoxious smile.

Well! Most of us are preserving the spirit of India – ‘tolerance’ even in the days of alleged intolerance. We know everything would be fine. It’s just a matter of days. Life is moving on as it is, except for small babies, old parents’, asthmatic and mentally disturbed people. Their breath is choking, their head is twisting apart but for them there is the Darwin’s theory – ‘Survival of the fittest’.

Fire-crackers do no harm. Some are arguing that it’s a liberal conspiracy, fascist hypocrisy and selective shamming of Hindu festival. They are questioning the liberals silence on the slaughter of animals on a particular day, lying down of trillions of tree in the month of December all across the globe; and are circulating messages on social media to stop this immoral and nefarious attack on their religion. After all, what holds more relevance than religion? Religion can obviously survive without environment.


For every argument, on the social media, there is an equally vigorous counter. Some are advocating a blanket ban on fire crackers, a few are justifying selective embargoes while many are hailing it as a 364 Vs one day of hypocrisy.

Bewildering reports have now emerged from NASA and ISRO on the social media and all these seems a conspiracy theory against ‘environment’ for a mango man like me. Well, many school kids are rejoicing in Delhi and Gurgaon after their classes are called off due to poor air quality. I wished for the same but Alas! We know that environment is preserved majestically in environmental education textbooks and mugging up five reasons to curb air pollution will enhance the purity of air. We aren’t stressed for a frivolous thing like the environment! It’s just that we are seeing smog.

Long Live masks and air purifiers. We will need you more these days.

P.S:- No personal offence is made here. Skand  Srivastav’s argument must be heard too.

I haven’t burnt a single cracker on Diwali since eight years, including this year. Only crackers worth Rs 400 was brought to my home and that too because of my younger siblings. I am totally against crackers. Honestly speaking, I am against those hypocrites who goes to hibernation during other festivals but gets active on Hindu festivals. Till the time hypocrisy exists, I will oppose it.  Simultaneously, I will also try to bring positive change in my religion and I will expect others to do so.



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