Mom, today I write this for you.

Mom, today I write this for you.

‘Mom, it’s just that I am quite weak in this subject. Plant physiology is not my cup of tea.’

I said as I put down the mark sheet bearing the poor grades in biology. Mom picked it up and laughed, ‘and this is how a doctor ‘s daughter is supposed to be.’‘Mom, dad’ s profession won’t decide my skills right? It’s just that I don’t get this subject into my heart. And my brain. Perhaps it just doesn’t works. I do what my heart likes.’ I blabbered.

‘Okay, then, let me see what mistakes have you made.’

‘As if you will understand mom.’ I don’t know what made me speak this. There was no intention of me trying to say this to hurt her. The words just slipped out. Mom didn’t react and neither could I gather courage to say sorry. She silently picked up the test paper that I had brought and analyzed it carefully for a few minutes.

‘At least cohesion and adhesion should have been properly distinguished’, she continued with all the corrections that was meant to be done in an enormously erroneous sheet. Nothing got into my mind at that moment. Only thing that revolved around my neurons was. ‘Mom, how do you know so much about this subject ?’

‘Your mom has bachelor of Science degree in Botany.’ Dad said as he entered the house at the right time.

‘Mom, but you never told me.’ I said taken aback.’You never asked‘, she said calmly.

True. We never bother about out parents’ past and their experiences over life. Just because my mom left work for me without letting me know, doesn’t makes her any less knowledgeable. But we as children take out parent’s love to be their weakness. Today I saw a video which expressed the pain of a 7 year old child, who wanted to get converted to a smart phone, because his parents spent more time with their electronic gadgets than their son. We, as children are lucky to have parents who have undergone a silent painful sacrifice for us. Mom, today I write this for you. I know you won’t read this, but if even one of my readers calls his/her mom up and thank her for everything, my write up will be a small tribute to you.Loads of thanks mom.

Akshita Anil

Akshita Anil is pursuing Computer Science Engineering from Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata.


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