A Tribute to Lifeless Love

A Tribute to Lifeless Love

With the angels painting the sky,
With the blossoming of yellow buttercups,
With a word of the dancing daffodils,
With the call of the princess butterfly,
I heard the passionate lament of the sun.

He had heard those silent tears which called me,
Those tears, very far from me.
So violent, so piercing and yet so engrossed into sorrow,
Yet so silent, so very silent.
Resembling the silence of the heavy downpour of natural water,
The rain, the tears, the silence-his gloom.

When I had last closed upon the earth,
On my journey, endless with the angels,
In my new world-sans happiness, sans misery,
Lacking all tears, all parental love.
All touch of kindness, all sweet quarrels,
A world lacking all pains, all misery.
I felt the hardest, the craziest pain ever,
Thinking of one who thought of our love,
Who still thinks of me.

To whom I meant the world.
To him I had left my heart.
The sun now sets and the night spreads upon the earth,
The earth where resides a part of me.
Tears shower from the lifeless me,
When love calls, when my love calls.

The Nature’s Sibling