Redefining Beauty

Redefining Beauty

I am a bit of philosopher, I try to find meaning and sometimes I hurt myself thinking too much about the world around me. After entering the college last year, I saw everyone being hit by ‘loveria’ and on asking why you love him/her; their usual response used to be like they are so beautiful and they care.

I used to think how love and lust is same for them and how beauty is just a measure of attractive power of this body that is decaying every second. I always thought about beauty in terms of people’s mind, their thoughts, their courage, their intellect. I believe these are the things that won’t fade with time. 

Of course facial beauty is a plus point but its credits should be low in comparison to the beautiful qualities of mind which define you but the world was too busy appreciating the charm, the aura of body and overlooked the mind and it pained me. I wished to change the way people perceive beauty and I am happy you took the first step in bringing about the change, by taking an acid attack victim as a model for your company. Oh that’s what I call beautiful.acid

It’s a courageous act to replace those good looking models by a symbol of courage which I find way more beautiful than those good looking models. And it’s making right noise all around the world. Not only have you provided these victims a new source of income but also you have given them a feeling that they will remember for long, the feeling of being beautiful. Those cameras that used to click for describing their story on paper speaking they lost their beautiful face will now click because they have a beautiful soul and its indeed wonderful that my brother is the one who had the courage enough to redefine beauty, to bring about the change. 

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