World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day

Then there were poets

The Puzzle Maker

Then there were poets,
who used to express
but still hide,
their ability to write,
a gift to mankind,
or a curse for their kind.
A terrible territory,
their mind,
that suffered and starved,
lost everything
every reason to smile,
but their tender heart,
still craved for someone’s smile,
so they chose to write,
fight with might,
with this world dark,
sent smile to the people
in search of light,
in form of rhymes.
They have for years,
enlightened this world,
that abandoned his darkness,
burned him,
till he started to write,
and this flame, like that of candle
emits light, but stays in the dark
shadow, of its own light.
This flame called poetry,
that inspired generations alike,
in search of beauty,
in the quest for freedom,
from war to peace,
it’s poetry that didn’t cease,
to make an impact on people’s mind.
They are visionaries,
and this world is their canvas,
that’s the might of their pen,
that’s the power of their mind.






The Nature’s Sibling


It’s in his heart…

To turn the sway of green leaves into the call of their love for breeze,
To view the redness of the evening sun as the blushing charm of nature,
To admire a pure heart without having a view of the person possessing it,
To comprehend the emotions just by looking into the eyes,
To admire their emptiness as their forever love,
To paint each tune of music into wonderful visuals,
To impart their love and concern without a single word,
To hug their sorrows and miss their joys,
To embrace their tears and express them as beauty of eyes,
To feel and to make people feel their heart,
To conceal their emptiness with an angelic smile,
To express their love beyond comprehension,
And to write their heart  with all their smile.