1. दूर जब वो अपने ढेड़ करोड़ के घर में लेटे लेटे कामनवेल्थ देख रहा था, अचानक उसके अंदर का इंसान जाग गया। उसने अपने फ़ोन में मुसिकली डाउनलोड किया और उसके सारे वीडियोस को अपने दिल में आर्काइव कर लिया। अगले दिन जब वो सबके सामने आया तो कहने लगा कि मेरे कंधे पे रख कर बंदूक चलाया जा रहा। पर क्या था, वो एक और मुसिकली का सपना देख रहा था। इस बार फ़ोन पे नहीं, उसके साथ।
  2.  बत्ती बुझाने के बातें वो कर रहा है, जो हर वक़्त बुझी हुई बत्ती के साये में जी रहा है। रात को दस बजने के बाद, उसके कमरे में एक अघोषित आपातकाल आ जाता है। रात को वो अपनी मासूका के साथ, वीडियो चैट नही कर पाता। अपना कुछ न हो सका, तो वो अब दूसरों के बत्ती बन्द होने पे अपनी ख़ुशी खोजने लगा है।
  3.  लौंडे को इश्क़ का सनक हो गया था। वो कभी उसके पास मोमोस का प्लेट लेकर पहुँच जाता तो कभी उसको अपने पर्यावरण क्लब में शामिल होने के न्योते के साथ। वो उसके बोलने का इंतज़ार करते रह गया और फेसबुक पे उसका फ्रेंड कोई और बन गया।


There isn’t a moment, I go wondering for anything else except your thought. I just can’t envisage how life can make you fall for things that aren’t just pretty, but something that deems to fit in an imagination of a wonderful world. You are the story that I constantly tell myself, you are the dream that I live through. I don’t know how things will move on a road that is otherwise very muddy and ungravelled. Let’s sit aside and talk for sometime. We can talk to the moon and still be giggling at the nuances of the world.

All About Today

I had applied for the National Sustainability Case Challenge and I got an e-mail with the subject – ‘You have been shortlisted’.

I was happy at the first place. I didn’t read the mail instantly. After an hour, I thought of reading it to know what I have to do ahead. The mail read out that the teams have been shortlisted by a distinguished jury and the names of the shortlisted candidates are attached in the excel sheet.

I didn’t open the sheet instantly. With a curiosity to find other people who have been shortlisted; I opened the excel sheet and to my horror and surprise, I didn’t find my name there.

Since, I had received the e-mail with the subject – ‘You have been shortlisted’, I replied to the mail enquiring about it. Soon, I got a reply which said, ‘Mail has been sent to every participant, only the shortlisted names are in the excel sheet’.

Suddenly, I became furious. I mailed them again. ‘My presentation was well researched. Can you share the presentation of the shortlisted teams with me?’ I opened the excel sheet and started ranting, ‘How this team can be selected?’ ‘The world is unjust’.

I literally became upset for half an hour at least. After that, I realised, how stupid I’m been. Why I wasn’t accepting my rejection / failure with humility?

As I am writing this answer after 80 minutes of the incident, I have started to get a feeling that I might have completely misunderstood Background Research theory and had presented something irrelevant in the presentation.

No matter. Loosing hurts. But accepting it and moving on with firm determination is the best thing. Isn’t it?

Along The Sidelines!

I have decided to give words to the chaos perturbing me not because I feel at home doing this but essentially for a reason to come back and sail through these words, not presumably after years but just months after. It’s quite amazing (considering the age I’m passing through), how the dynamics of thoughts keeps fluttering. What seemed indispensable at a time holds little significance today!

Dichotomies Of Choices

I was never perplexed and bewildered like this ever before, as I’m these days. Just a few months ago, and my thoughts were sailing all smooth and I dreamed of a life; like many other else. And then, as they say, few things just happen at the right time and at the right place and one such was in the month of May and June, when I did an internship on Backend Development in Gurgaon.  Continue reading “Dichotomies Of Choices”

ह्यूमेन्स ऑफ़ गलगोटीआस और मैं!

हुमेंस ऑफ़ न्यू यॉर्क को तो सबने सुन रखा होगा, लेकिन में ब्रैंडन को नहीं जानता था। सचमुच नहीं जानता था। लेकिन किसी का लाल माइक ले कर, समाज के ऐसे तबको की कहानियों को टेलेविज़न स्क्रीन पे लाना और उसे बेहद ही सहज और अलग तरीके से बताना, मुझे प्रवावित कर गया था। मुझे शायद ये बात समझ आने लगी थी की हर सुपर हीरो इंस्टाग्राम के फ़िल्टर और टेलेविज़न के स्क्रीन से नहीं दिखता, हमारे और आपके आसपास अनगिनत, असंख्यक सुपरहीरो रहते हैं जो तमाम मुश्किलातों के बाद भी हर चीज़ से लड़ रहे होते हैं।

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How the outcome of a patriarchal society has made men equally vulnerable?

How the outcome of a patriarchal society has made men equally vulnerable?

The ‘Master Slave’ society which is sublimely called as Patriarchy has historically manifested itself in the social, economic, legal and political organisations of many culture. Both the present and the past is a reminder that most cultures throughout the world have been patriarchal and this inevitable realism has quite often lead patriarchy to portray men as the perpetrator and women as the victim beside flaunting and stereotyping men as a symbol of transcendent strength and protector and women as an undisputed emblem of weakness and fragility.

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Long Live masks and air purifiers.

Long Live masks and air purifiers.

Just after the night, we set blaze gazillions of fire-crackers, the rockets, the bombs and the chakris, the air around the urban centres in Northern India has turned awfully pure. The Air Pollution Index (API) has scaled faster than the Salman Khan’s box office collection, driving in smog in headlights has became a delight in Delhi and the hazier, contaminated azure is giving  déjà vu. The comatose ‘Environmental Education’ textbooks have suddenly started rejoicing after they overheard that the pollution level during ‘Diwali’ in 2016 is far greater than 2015. Even the phrase ‘awareness can help us to curb pollution’ can’t hold it’s obnoxious smile.

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