I thought that making decisions were simple until a few days ago. Recently, in the path of organising an event, I have realised that how things can go differently. Decision making is a complex process and the person who makes it must make a thorough analysis of it – analysing its impact on others, it’s varied consequences and it’s ultimate objectives. He should be quick to absorb its  shortcomings, be aware of its impact and thoughtful about the unheard criticism.

I will enlist a few dilemmas :-

  1. Merit Vs Selective Preference – What to choose while building a team of your own?
  2. Trust Vs Transparency
  3. Centralisation Vs Devolution

No matter, how good your intentions are – there are things that makes the aftermath turbulent.  There are a few things though that can minimise this dilemmas :-

  1. Transparency
  2. Being thoughtful before making a decision
  3. Firefighting can only give momentarily solutions
  4. Being extremely careful of what you speak and how you speak
  5. Visualising yourself in the place on whom you are binding your decision


Along The Sidelines!

I have decided to give words to the chaos perturbing me not because I feel at home doing this but essentially for a reason to come back and sail through these words, not presumably after years but just months after. It’s quite amazing (considering the age I’m passing through), how the dynamics of thoughts keeps fluttering. What seemed indispensable at a time holds little significance today!


And when his psyche started swirling into directions unknown to him; he would kick himself harder and start convincing his brain, ‘See, it’s imperative to live in the present. Just like the gazillion of things that are beyond the realms of your control, this is just another little thing from that list.’ His mind would often be pleased by that instant gratification but sadly that wasn’t lasting long these days. To all those stuff which he read in books marred by fiction and which he flagrantly pronounced as crap and grim started making a forlorn impact in his life.

He would wonder that how the thought of someone living at least 2000 kms away haunt him and he knew it has been perpetually so from the last four years. He would then be trailed in a series of incidents (not often mellifluous and amusing) till he regret revisiting all those occurrences.

He knew he was enticing a reverie. He wished to sit aside and speak his heart aloud (not what the world wished for but about the storms sailing through his mind.) He didn’t want to be sailing through and galloping on the other side of the coast, he just wanted a calm stay at which ever place he was in. He wanted to be in the mid of the blue, unperturbed.

Dichotomies Of Choices

I was never perplexed and bewildered like this ever before, as I’m these days. Just a few months ago, and my thoughts were sailing all smooth and I dreamed of a life; like many other else. And then, as they say, few things just happen at the right time and at the right place and one such was in the month of May and June, when I did an internship on Backend Development in Gurgaon.  Continue reading “Dichotomies Of Choices”

To The Heart That Still Beats!

May be, it’s supposed to be this way or may be it’s never meant to be.” No matter, how hard you try to be resolute; there are occasions in life; when the heart quietly steals a moment and questions thoughts that are scary and imprudent. All, I wish, at those times is simply, ‘I just wasn’t an over thinker’.

It’s all happening at a time; when impending career goal isn’t allowing you to sleep and the urge of her innocence freezes a moment for you. Sometimes, I wonder, isn’t this all a fairy tale?

” To the first five years; when we never talked. To the next two, when phone calls were the only solace. To the next one and then the three years that graced with three meeting; remember eleven year is just a number.” (42,782 was also a number, though!)

May be she seems so original or may be she is made so; to diffuse happiness wherever she wanders, the heart always gets a reason to impound. I can write all day along on her but I fear being griefed and I fear being lost.

At times you feel quite prevailing too. Hadn’t been an essence of such tangling affairs; the spirit of great literature wouldn’t have survived so long. (You feel it a Shakespearean conspiracy!) I wish, I’m a fool because the impeding fear of her for me, is always scary. May be a day, the heart stops beating or may be a day …………………………! (And as they say, every story is tragic, if you wait long enough. Let’s end this blog.) I wish, I could read people’s mind! I wish, I read her mind.

ह्यूमेन्स ऑफ़ गलगोटीआस और मैं!

हुमेंस ऑफ़ न्यू यॉर्क को तो सबने सुन रखा होगा, लेकिन में ब्रैंडन को नहीं जानता था। सचमुच नहीं जानता था। लेकिन किसी का लाल माइक ले कर, समाज के ऐसे तबको की कहानियों को टेलेविज़न स्क्रीन पे लाना और उसे बेहद ही सहज और अलग तरीके से बताना, मुझे प्रवावित कर गया था। मुझे शायद ये बात समझ आने लगी थी की हर सुपर हीरो इंस्टाग्राम के फ़िल्टर और टेलेविज़न के स्क्रीन से नहीं दिखता, हमारे और आपके आसपास अनगिनत, असंख्यक सुपरहीरो रहते हैं जो तमाम मुश्किलातों के बाद भी हर चीज़ से लड़ रहे होते हैं।

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How the outcome of a patriarchal society has made men equally vulnerable?

How the outcome of a patriarchal society has made men equally vulnerable?

The ‘Master Slave’ society which is sublimely called as Patriarchy has historically manifested itself in the social, economic, legal and political organisations of many culture. Both the present and the past is a reminder that most cultures throughout the world have been patriarchal and this inevitable realism has quite often lead patriarchy to portray men as the perpetrator and women as the victim beside flaunting and stereotyping men as a symbol of transcendent strength and protector and women as an undisputed emblem of weakness and fragility.

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